Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Azolla Microphylla for Feed of Fish

An aquatic fern, Azolla microphylla (strain 175 MI, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium), a natural source of protein, was used in this study to produce low-cost feeds for the omnivorous–phytoplanktonophagous tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus L. Fish were grown in a recirculating system and fed with six different diets in triplicate groups. Diets were formulated with approximately similar total protein, ranging from 27.25 to 27.52% dry weight (dw), gross energy content ranging from 85.1 to 96.5 MJ kg−1 dw, and with different levels of dry meal Azolla (0, 15, 20 30 40, 45% diet dw). All diet levels with incorporated Azolla meal exhibited weight gain, thus it can be assumed that Azolla in good combination with local products can be used to promote fish culture development. The Azolla-free diet and the diet containing 15%Azolla produced the same growth performance. However, the least expensive diet containing 45%Azolla also exhibited growth and can be used as a complementary diet for tilapia raised in fertilized ponds.

Monday, November 24, 2014

List of Link Website of Several Villages in Majalengka

  1. Villages of Sukasari Kaler, Argapura - Majalengka
  2. Villages of Sukasari Kidul, Argapura - Majalengka
  3. Villages of Argamukti, Argapura - Majalengka
  4. Villages of Gunung Wangi, Argapura - Majalengka
  5. Villages of Cinambo, Bantarujeg - Majalengka
  6. Villages of Babakansari, Bantarujeg - Majalengka
  7. Villages of Sindanghurip, Bantarujeg - Majalengka
  8. Villages of Gununglarang, Bantarujeg - Majalengka
  9. Villages of Tenjo Layar, Cigasong - Majalengka
  10. Villages of Batujaya, Cigasong - Majalengka
  11. Villages of Kawunghilir, Cigasong - Majalengka
  12. Villages of Cikondang, Cingambul - Majalengka
  13. Villages of Cingambul, Cingambul - Majalengka
  14. Villages of Cinta Asih, Cingambul - Majalengka
  15. Villages of Muktisari, Cingambul - Majalengka
  16. Villages of Nagarakembang, Cingambul - Majalengka
  17. Villages of Sedareja, Cingambul - Majalengka
  18. Villages of Jatitujuh, Jatitujuh - Majalengka
  19. Villages of Randegan Kulon, Jatitujuh - Majalengka
  20. Villages of Ciborelang, Jatiwangi - Majalengka
  21. Villages of Burujul Wetan, Jatiwangi - Majalengka
  22. Villages of Burujul Kulon, Jatiwangi - Majalengka
  23. Villages of Pagandon, Kadipaten - Majalengka
  24. Villages of Girimukti, Kasokandel - Majalengka
  25. Villages of Gunungsari, Kasokandel - Majalengka
  26. Villages of Jatisawit, Kasokandel - Majalengka
  27. Villages of Kasokandel, Kasokandel - Majalengka
  28. Villages of Leuwikujang, Leuwimunding - Majalengka
  29. Villages of Leuwimunding, Leuwimunding - Majalengka
  30. Villages of Mindi, Leuwimunding - Majalengka
  31. Villages of Mirat, Leuwimunding - Majalengka
  32. Villages of Parakan, Leuwimunding - Majalengka
  33. Villages of Patuanan, Leuwimunding - Majalengka
  34. Villages of Kedungsari, Ligung - Majalengka
  35. Villages of Wanasalam, Ligung - Majalengka
  36. Villages of Anggrawati, Maja - Majalengka
  37. Villages of Cengal, Maja - Majalengka
  38. Villages of Cicalung, Maja - Majalengka
  39. Villages of Cieurih, Maja - Majalengka
  40. Villages of Cihaur, Maja - Majalengka
  41. Villages of Cipicung, Maja - Majalengka
  42. Villages of Kertabasuki, Maja - Majalengka
  43. Villages of Maja Selatan, Maja - Majalengka
  44. Villages of Maja Utara, Maja - Majalengka
  45. Villages of Malongpong, Maja - Majalengka
  46. Villages of Pageraji, Maja - Majalengka
  47. Villages of Paniis, Maja - Majalengka
  48. Villages of Cicurug, Majalengka
  49. Villages of Cisambeng, Palasah - Majalengka
  50. Villages of Pasirmuncang, Panyingkiran - Majalengka
  51. Villages of Rajagaluh, Rajagaluh - Majalengka
  52. Villages of Garawastu, Sindang - Majalengka
  53. Villages of Gunungkuning, Sindang - Majalengka
  54. Villages of Lengkong Kulon, Sindangwangi - Majalengka
  55. Villages of Ujungberung, Sindangwangi - Majalengka
  56. Villages of Cikalong, Sukahaji - Majalengka
  57. Villages of Cikeusik, Sukahaji - Majalengka
  58. Villages of Cikoneng, Sukahaji - Majalengka
  59. Villages of Manjeti, Sukahaji - Majalengka
  60. Villages of Tanjungsari, Sukahaji - Majalengka
  61. Villages of Campaga, Talaga - Majalengka
source: Gerakan Desa Membangun, Majalengka

List of Banks and ATMs Addresses in Majalengka

This is a list of several banks and ATMs addresses in Majalengka

Name of Bank Address of Bank Address of ATM
BCA KCP Jatiwangi jln. Jend. A. Yani 224, Jatiwangi Majalengka,
phone (0233)881164, 881394
Jln. Jend. A. Yani 224, Jatiwangi Majalengka
BNI Capem Majalengka Jl. K.H. Abdul Halim No. 315 - Majalengka,
phone (0233)282147, 282148, Fax. (0233)282147
Jl. K.H. Abdul Halim No.315
Jl. KH Abdul Halim
Jl. Raya Jatiwangi
BNI Capem Cikijing Jl. Raya Cikijing No. 57 Kab. Majalengka,
phone (0233) 318361, Fax. (0233) 318360
Jl. Raya Cikijing No. 57, Cikijing
Bank Mandiri Cabang Kadipaten-Majalengka Jl. Raya Timur No. 124, Kadipaten
phone (0233)663007, 663008, 663010
Fax. (0233)662004
Jl. Raya Timur Kadipaten No. 124 , Majalengka
Jl. KH. Abdul Halim 235, Majalengka
Bank Mandiri Unit Micro UKM Majalengka Jl. KH. Abdul Halim (Bunderan Cigasong), Majalengka Jl. KH. Abdul Halim (Bunderan Cigasong), Majalengka
Bank Mandiri Cabang Rajagaluh-Majalengka Jl. Pangeran Muhammad (Komplek Pasar Rajagaluh), Majalengka Jl. Pangeran Muhammad (Komplek Pasar Rajagaluh), Majalengka
Bank Jabar Banten (BJB) Jl. KH. Abdul Halim no. 224, Majalengka
phone (0233)281105, 281213, 281614, 281156
Fax. (0233)281710, 281151
Jl. KH. Abdul Halim no. 224, Majalengka
BRI Majalengka Jl. KH. Abdul Halim No. 320, Majalengka
phone (0233)281553
Jl. KH. Abdul Halim No. 320, Majalengka
source: www.majalengkakab.go.id with little edited

Friday, November 21, 2014

District of Majalengka

Majalengka District, is a district in the province of West Java, Indonesia. The capital is Majalengka. The district borders Indramayu district in the north, Cirebon and Kuningan district in the east, the District Ciamis and Tasikmalaya District in the south, as well as the Sumedang District in the west.

Majalengka District consists of 26 subdistricts, which are further divided over a number of villages. The central government in the Subdistrict of Majalengka. Regent's Office is located in the Hall, south of the Majalengka's square, adjacent to the Grand Mosque Al Imam.

(source: http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabupaten_Majalengka)